4everlearning Quality Assurance Policy

4everlearning as an online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider, is obliged by the General Dental Council (GDC) to adhere to certain legal requirements as laid out by the GDC in the document- Enhanced CPD guidance for providers  which can be accessed here

4everlearning has been providing online education to the Dental team for over sixteen years and as a recognised provider of verifiable CPD we adhere to the GDC requirements­­­­ for enhanced CPD – please see below for our full compliance.

 Appropriate recruitment and selection of CPD providers and content:

4everlearning works with a Dental Compliance Team, made up of respected Dental Professionals and the 4everlearning Clinical Team to ensure that all learning activities and courses are sources from reputable sources that meet GDC standards and recommendations.

4everlearning is a curator of a wide range of courses offered by leading educational providers. Courses hosted on the platform are chosen by respected course providers who deliver content in accordance with the standards expected and to meet with the GDC’s guidance on provision of verifiable CPD.

4everlearning also closely follows the recommendations of the GDC for CPD subject matter for Dental Professionals and will continue to expand the subject matter available in line with these recommendations.

Integration of pre-existing feedback:

4everlearning encourages members to provide feedback on every course and learning activity it provides. Members can do so upon the completion of each course by providing a rating out of five (5) and written feedback on the course. Members can also write to us at any time with feedback at support@4everlearning.com

This feedback is constantly monitored, evaluated and used to improve the content offering and the Member experience. 4everlearning will also expand its subject matter in order to respond to member needs and suggestions.


Peer reviewed content:

All 4everlearning verifiable CPD is peer reviewed prior to release by its team of respected Dental professionals. Each course is also reviewed annually by the 4everlearning Clinical Team and also upon the introduction of new information, guidance, regulations and standards which may affect the content.


Evidence based content:

All 4everlearning verifiable CPD is designed to be appropriately created to meet the different sections of the Dental profession, whose membership it serves. Latest techniques and guidance as outlined by the regulatory bodies are adhered to thus ensuring evidence based confirmation.


Transparency of verifiable criteria:

Only learning activities and courses that meet the GDC’s requirements for Enhanced CPD contribute to your CPD time. The maximum CPD available for each learning resource is clearly highlighted, and this is further calculated and shown at module and course level.

Every course has its Learning content, Aims and Objectives and the Development Outcomes clearly outlined before participants enrol to the course/activity.


Educational Governance Policy:

Each course is reviewed yearly by the 4everlearning Clinical Team and also upon the introduction of new information, guidance, regulations and standards which may affect the content. Our Educational Policy is available upon request.

Equality and Diversity Policy.

4everlearning operates on a total inclusion policy and we make certain that all courses offered are non-discriminatory against any individual or group. Our Equality & Diversity Policy is available upon request.


Policies and procedures to avoid commercial bias:

Where a course provider also has a commercial interest in the products mentioned then a clear declaration of it is made. Where applicable it is highlighted that there are other products are available.

Robust methods in place to confirm attendance and active participation by attendees. As well as accurate measurement of duration of actual CPD activity – i.e. not including break and travel times:

To award online verifiable CPD, our inbuilt, patented active learning tracker monitors second by second that the user is active and present when undertaking each learning resource (documents, images, videos, audio, webinars) within a course.

Users can only be awarded verifiable CPD where the system determines that they are active and present when watching, listening or reading a learning resource within a course. Each learning resource has a maximum CPD time that can be awarded and not all learning resources are eligible for CPD. 

Users will not earn CPD for any time where our in-built patented learning tracker detects inactivity or loss of focus. The technology will also deduct CPD time for periods of inactivity that are detected.

CPD time is not awarded for time spent outside learning resources – e.g. searching the Course catalogue, updating your profile page, adding records to your PDP. We also track if you leave the learning resource open and proceed to review content within another browser.

At any time the User can check the course overview page to see the CPD time earned out of the maximum CPD time available at learning resource, module and course level. In addition, to view CPD time earned by specific date, the User can refer to their Session Log to view how much verifiable CPD was awarded on a given day. This can be broken down to course, module and individual learning resource level.


Using trainers with expertise on the subject, and/or educational expertise to deliver the content:

All 4everlearning course providers offering learning content on the Website meet the standards that are expected for the provision of quality learning and have the authority to provide that content.


Methods to monitor and evaluate content delivery:

All content is delivered online via video, audio or document format. All resources are therefore reviewed and verified by the Clinical Team prior to being uploaded to the site.


Content that demonstrates a clear relationship with anticipated development outcomes throughout delivery:

Every course on 4everlearning is aligned to one or more of the GDC Development Outcomes (A, B, C, D). Courses cannot be published onto the 4everlearning website if they are not aligned with one or more of the Development Outcomes. Users of the website can clearly see which Development Outcome(s) the course is linked to on the course overview page at any time.


Opportunities for active participation and/or discussion during the activity:

In courses that contain live webinars, during the webinar the course participant can directly communicate with the presenter via microphone or via a direct messaging system.


Opportunities for participant reflection during or immediately after the activity:

Feedback to the course provider is encouraged for every course. The user is prompted to provide a rating out of five and written feedback upon the completion of every course.

In addition, the completed activity is automatically logged on the User’s Activity Log in their Personal Development Planner (PDP). From here the User can add a self-reflection for every completed course.


Assessment of learning:

4everlearning has a patented technology in place which accurately measures learner activity second by second. Using this intelligent monitoring 4everlearning is able to accurately assess the time actively spent online learning and thus award the appropriate CPD time for any particular course attended.

For additional validation, on selected learning activities, an assessment in the form of a Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) may be provided and CPD is only awarded on successfully passing the minimum pass mark set out by the CPD providers.

Certificates are only awarded once the course is completed and conform to GDC requirements:

Certificates are only awarded once all learning resources and Multiple-Choice Questionnaires (if applicable) are completed and passed.

All certificates issued by 4everlearning contain the following information as required by the GDC:

  1. The name of the professional who has participated in the learning activity.
  2. The GDC number of the professional who has participated in the learning activity (if available).
  3. The title, learning content and aims and objectives of the learning activity undertaken.
  4. The anticipated GDC development outcomes of the learning activity.
  5. The total number of actual hours and/or minutes of CPD achieved by the professional when undertaking the learning activity.
  6. The date the CPD was undertaken.
  7. Confirmation that the CPD is subject to quality assurance, with the name of the person or body providing the quality assurance, their signature and company logo.
  8. Confirmation from the provider of the CPD that the information contained in it is full and accurate.

A reflective element for participants to link to their personal development plan and activity log:

Upon completion of a course, it will be automatically logged against the User’s Activity Log in their PDP. The User can then add a self-reflection for each completed course that will be stored on the Activity log along side the course information and certificate.

User’s can also add a future learning or maintenance need to their Personal Plan. This allows the User to document how this need will benefit their work, how it will be met and by when.

Participant evaluation and feedback methods that are used to improve the activity:

Feedback to 4everlearning is encouraged for every course. All feedback is reviewed and any suggestions for improvement are implemented in future courses.

An assessment of participant learning and participation. And post-delivery evaluation:

4everlearning is able to analyse Users’ CPD time at individual learning resource level to assess how much time users are spending on each learning resource within the course.

In addition, assessments in the form of multiple choice questions are offered for selected courses. If a course includes one or more multiple choice questionnaire, the User must complete and pass (as per the pass mark criteria) the test before they are able to complete the course and be awarded their certificate and verifiable CPD.

The 4everlerning Clinical team is also able to analyse course ratings and course feedback in order to make continuous improvements to the learning content.

A complaints procedure:

4everlearning is committed to providing a high standard of service to all Users. All complaints should be made in writing to support@4everlearning.com

All complaints will be responded to within five working days.