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Free Course 1: Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies CPD Courses
45mins Verifiable CPD, 1 module, 1 video

In this comprehensive overview of medical emergencies, the instructor outlines the need for being ready to manage urgent situations in the dental practice.

This presentation will explain both what you need to have in your emergency first aid kit, and how to use your equipment/medications in a safe and effective manner should you encounter an emergency situation.

Meets GDC Development Outcomes: C & D

+ Free Course 2: Update on Mouth Cancer

40mins Verifiable CPD, 1 module, 1 video

This detailed lecture provides an overview of Oral cancer screening. It includes an update on trends, recognising pre-malignant lesions and their management. Advances in reconstructive techniques are also covered.

The two minute screening examination is described with a logical step by step way of examining the mouth for any signs of pre-malignancy. The importance of early referral is also emphasised.

Meets GDC Development Outcomes: C & D
Mouth Cancer CPD course

+ Free Course 3: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding vulnerable adults
35mins Verifiable CPD, 2 modules, 2 videos

This course covers the various forms of adult abuse and how to recognise these in a vulnerable person.

You will gain an overview of the Care Act 2014 and its implications, with emphasis on the well-being of the individual.

Role play examples of how to promote choice, self-esteem,​ privacy, and independence are then provided.

Meets GDC Development Outcomes: A & D

+ FREE Intelligent Personal Development Planner (PDP)!

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