How does track your CPD time?

To award online verifiable CPD, our inbuilt, patented active learning tracker monitors second by second that you are active and present when undertaking each learning resource (documents, images, videos, audio, webinars) within a course.

CPD time will only be logged if the active learning tracker determines that you are active and present.

CPD time is not awarded for time spent outside learning resources – e.g. searching the Course catalogue, updating your profile page, adding records to your PDP. We also track if you leave the learning resource open and proceed to review content within another browser.

When our active learning tracker determines that you have been inactive or lost focus over a defined period of time you will see an alert asking you to confirm you are still present. 

If you fail to respond to the inactivity alert within 60 seconds, the system deems that you are not present and therefore not actively learning. You will be deducted CPD time and logged out of the learning resource in these cases, as you can only be awarded CPD time where the system determines that you are active and present.

How do I earn verifiable CPD on

You earn verifiable CPD for all active learning time spent on learning resources within a course. You will not earn CPD for any time where our in-built patented learning tracker detects inactivity or loss of focus.

For videos and audio files you must watch and/or listen to the learning resource in its entirely in order to complete the learning resource and log the CPD time. However for other learning resources such as PDF documents and images you can spend as little or as much time as you like on the resource.

Note, however you can only ever earn CPD up to the maximum amount of time displayed against a given resource. 

Your certificate outlining evidence of your CPD time will be generated once you have completed the course plus evidence of your learning will be automatically logged to your PDP Activity Log.

How can I view how much verifiable CPD I have earned?

From the course overview page you view the CPD time earned for the course and then a breakdown by module and individual learning resource.

At any time you can also refer to your Session Log which tracks the day and time down to the second of all your learning time. This is broken down into active learning per resource, module and course. Plus any additional time you have spent on the course above and beyond CPD time.

Once you complete the course you will see your CPD time on your Certificate and on your PDP Activity log which are automatically generated.
You can return to the completed course at any time to review learning materials but you will not earn additional CPD time above that set by the course provider.

We've developed the platform with the GDC's enhanced CPD requirements in mind.

Our inbuilt, patented active learning tracker will only ever award CPD time for active learning time which is accurately recorded second by second. Once you complete courses your certificate will be automatically generated and your in-built PDP will be automatically updated; both reflecting the CPD you earned for the course.

We have been using this approach for over 19 years, recognising that questionnaires alone do not provide the robust evidence of learning that the GDC expects. 

We only expect the GDC to become more stringent as online learning increases and as such we want to ensure our learners have an accurate measurement of their CPD time to present to the GDC. What’s more we continue to invest in our technology to ensure we continually meet and exceed the GDC’s requirements.

For further information on the quality controls 4everlearning put in place when curating, publishing, tracking and awarding verifiable CPD, please view our Quality Controls section.

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