Image of someone looking stressed, pulling their hair.

Stress & the Dental Team

Stress is a well known & an unfortunately commonplace issue in the Dental Profession. In this course we cover the physiology & the causes of Stress.

Icon of a head showing cogs turning inside

The Mental Capacity Act

1hr 10mins Verifiable CPD, 3 Modules, 9 Learning ResourcesCourse SummaryThe Mental Capacity Act (MCA) is designed to protect and empower people who may lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions about their care and treatment. It applie ...

Chris Barrow giving a speech on Building Winning Teams

Creating a Champions League Winning Dental Team

1hr 30mins Verifiable CPD, 1 Module, 8 Learning ResourcesCourse SummaryThis tutorial on creating Champions League winning dental teams is kindly provided by Chris Barrow from his Extreme Business Academy.In his 20+ years of working with den ...

Two People shaking hands. Course image for complaints handling.

Handling Patient Complaints

30mins Verifiable CPD, 3 Modules, 3 Learning ResourcesCourse SummaryIn this short but powerful course, Dr.Toy covers how valuable well-handled complaints can be for the improvement of patient-focused services. In particular the following ...