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4everlearning was founded in 2003 by Dental Surgeon Dr. Jonathan Rosen B.D.S. (V.U Manc), and since its inception has helped thousands of Dental professionals earn verifiable CPD in areas specifically of interest to them.

4everlearning.com is extremely proud of its International Patents which allow its members to earn verifiable CPD without the need for taking any tests. It's just like attending a lecture; you are able to log on, watch a video, log off - and the intelligent technology will record all your active learning activity and update this record into your own Personal Development Planner as well as provide you with a verifiable CPD certificate.

We offer Unlimited CPD hours for a fixed annual fee, providing masses of great CPD content for the whole dental team and the most advanced auto-fill Personal Development Plan where all your CPD activity, needs and reflective learning can be stored and reproduced for Regulatory Bodies, Clinical Governance or other requirements in the future. Our learning meets and covers all current GDC regulatory stipulations and includes all core subjects.

In 2019, we proudly launched our revamped membership site, which promises more regular, and relevant updates to meet the whole dental team's verifiable CPD needs. The much improved user experience and site navigation will make online learning a whole lot easier and more enjoyable for all.

Thank you for your interest in 4everlearning, and if you're not yet a member, then we invite you to join us today!

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