An Overview of Enamel Sensitivity & Remineralisation

50mins Verifiable CPD, 1 Module, 1 Resource

Course Summary

In this video lecture, Mr Richard Whatley of BioMin gives our members an overview of the science related to enamel sensitivity and remineralisation.

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BioMin is a new toothpaste which incorporates Bioactive glasses which provide slow release of flouride and has been shown to reduce sensitivity and help enamel remineralisation.

This new technology will be of interest to both Dentists and Hygienists but also to Dental nurses who are bound to be asked about this new toothpaste.

Bioactive glasses are a group of surface reactive glass-ceramic biomaterials. The biocompatibility of these glasses has led them to be investigated extensively for use as implant materials in the human body to repair and replace diseased or damaged bone.

In this very detailed and yet easy to follow lecture the science and the clinical significance of this new toothpaste are discussed. Topics include:

  • Background
  • Causes and Sensitivity
  • Technology
  • Role of Flouride in toothpastes
  • How remineralisation of tooth surfaces may be optimised

Speaker profile

Mr Richard Whatley is the CEO of BioMin and has 30 years of dental chemistry knowledge.

BioMin has developed a range of calcium phospho-silicates for use as additives in remineralising toothpastes to help reduce tooth decay and dentine hypersensitivity. The compositions are protected by a family of patents.

To find out more about BioMin and the science behind this new technology please click here (4everlearning is not commercially affiliated to BioMin)

Learning Content

Enamel Sensitivity & Remineralisationn – an Overview of the Science.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Causes and Sensitivity
  2. Technology
  3. Role of Fluoride in toothpaste
  4. How remineralisation of tooth surfaces may be optimised

Development Outcomes

C. Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice.

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