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Intravenous Sedation in General Dental Practice

55mins Verifiable CPD, 2 Modules, 2 Learning Resources

Course Summary

This comprehensive course provides a detailed overview of Intravenous Sedation for General Practice.

The course is divided into two sections:

Part 1 covers patient assessment and provides a wide range of situations to consider.

Part 2 deals with the pharmacology used in intravenous sedation.

Profile Image of Dr Andrew Jones offering Dental Sedation Courses

Speaker Profile

Dr Andrew Jones BDShons, PgDipConSed.

Andrew offers several Dental Sedation Courses. He has been carrying out conscious sedation techniques since 2011. He has a range of experience in different conscious sedation techniques and besides numerous short courses, he has completed the prestigious Postgraduate Diploma in Conscious Sedation at Trinity College University, Dublin. He is a member of the DSTG and has written for several dental publications and journals on the topic of conscious sedation, most recently in Dentistry magazine on the topic of sedation use during full arch dental implant surgeries.Andrew is enthusiastic about improving the provision of safe effective conscious sedation for an increasingly anxious UK population. Andrew, along with a nationwide network of sedation diploma practitioners has developed the courses provided by dental sedation courses to provide the latest, fully accredited, high-quality peer-reviewed private courses available in the field of conscious sedation in dentistry.To find out more about the Dental Sedation Courses please visit here.

Learning Content

Part 1 – The success of sedation treatment is dependent on the selection and assessment of the patient.
Part 2 – An overview of the pharmacology used in IV Sedation.

Aims & Objectives

To understand the importance of a good patient assessment and its impact on the success of the treatment. To build a good rapport to provide patient confidence. To have an overview of the pharmacology used in IV sedation.

Development Outcomes

C. Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice

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